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Htmledit v2.6.3
Htmledit is an HTML editor (French language only). Features include multi-document interface, syntax highlighting, Automatic Html entity, and more...

Hexacolor v3.0
Hexacolor, the color management tool for the Internet is now available in several languages including English, French, Dutch...

Hexacolor  v3.0 FAQ
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Can I order a license by CB on-line?

Yes, you can purchase your license on-line by using Paypal.

Click here to learn more.



When I install Hexacolor, I have an error message "DeleteFile failes; code 5; Access denied."

This happen when you try to install Hexacolor while a previous version is running. Check in the task bar at the bottom right of your desktop if Hexacolor is running. If it is, then right click on the icon and select Exit before install.


What is the difference between a single user license and an unlimited license?

A single user license allows you to install the software on one computer. If you want to install it on several computers, you can order several single user license or an unlimited license. The single user license generally fits personal use.

An unlimited license allows you to install the software on the whole computers of your company.

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